What Your Sweat Says About Your Health!!!


Sweat. It’s something that heralds embarrassment for most people, except in sweaty “safe zones” like the gym or sauna. Yet it’s a critical part of our anatomy, and there’s so much more to sweat than merely an indicator of how many burpees you did at the gym.


For the most part, the amount of sweat we expel throughout the course of any given day varies based on the activities we partake in.
And when our bodies are functioning as they should, the volume of sweat expelled reflects our state of health.
But then there are times when you’re still pumping the stuff out and you’re not even really doing anything.
If you find yourself sweating around the clock for no particular reason, you may have a condition called hyperhidrosis.
Essentially, this is a condition that describes someone who sweats when they really shouldn’t be, and it suggests that you may need to schedule a visit to the doc to determine why your sweat glands are out of whack.
While sweating too much when you’re not exercising is a cause for concern, if you’ve always found yourself sweating a lot more than the next person while you are exercising, there’s no cause for concern.
Generally speaking, in fact, the more you sweat during exercise, the fitter you are.
Nobody wants to be that guy or gal who has everyone around them wrinkling their nose.
And if your sweat is super stinky, no amount of deodorant will cover up that pervasive odor.
Chances are, your sweat stinks because you’re stressed out.
Our sweat smells markedly different depending on our state of mind, and as a rule of thumb, the sweat you produce while doing a stress-free workout or any form of exertion (ahem!) tends to be a lot less smelly than the sweat you make while in a tense meeting or during a presentation.
While it’s fair to say that too much sweat can mean underlying health problems, the same can be said for too little sweat
. If you’re working out, exercising or generally just exerting yourself and notice that you’re not really pumping much sweat out, there could be something wrong.

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