In present days of the world,so many people are overweight. Most of them are not eating properly. The basic element for being healthy is eating healthy food. But if you want to loss weight fast, we give you this magical diet. You can lose 2-5 kilos without compromising your health. Pineapple contains many important substances like bromelain, which is a great fat burner.


Two-days diet with pineapple

It takes 2 kg. fresh pineapple and 1 liter pineapple juice without sugar. Pineapple need to be chopped into pieces and divided into 4 portions – breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. During the day you should drink a liter of pineapple juice .

With this two-days pineapple diet, you can lose 2 pounds without compromising your health.

Diet based on protein and pineapple

In addition to short diets, you can try this diet based on pineapple and protein, which last for 2 weeks. In this diet, besides pineapple, you can eat meat, mushrooms, vegetables and fruits.

A simple meal for a day:

600-700 grams of pineapple;
200-300 grams of meat or mushrooms;
Vegetable or fruit.
The meat should be cooked without oil or baked in Microwave.

You have to eliminate fat and limit the consumption of carbohydrates. For two weeks, with this diet, you can lose 3-5 kg.

Five-days diet with pineapple

The next method for fast weight loss is a diet based on pineapple, designed for five days. During the day, consume 2 liters of water or tea without sugar. You should eat 4 times a day. Breakfast remains the same for all five days.

Menu for the day:

Breakfast : 100 grams of pineapple, 100 grams low-fat yogurt and oatmeal.

or : Eggs, toast rye bread with butter and 50 grams pineapple .

Lunch: Potato, cheese, 100 grams of pineapple,

Or: Salad with shrimp (100 grams) and pineapple (100 grams)

Dinner : 100 grams rice , 100 grams of pineapple .

Or : Chicken salad and pineapple 100 grams

Benefits: The feeling of hunger will become rare. And will eliminate toxins from the intestines and kidneys.

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