Every woman should know these cheating signs


Everyone dreams about having perfect relationship. Sooner or later all meet someone special, fall in love with them and decide to build a family. Nobody thinks that this paradise can be ruined by cruel reality.


We all know that trust and respect is one of the main things in every relationship. So, infidelity definitely will destroy your love. The main thing here is to find out about it as soon as possible.

Today we have for you some important information. Here are 13 signs that your man is cheating on you. You just should be attentive and careful enough to see them. Maybe in this way you’ll understand that your partner is not that person you should give you love and trust.
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#1. He protects his phone too much

It’s unnatural for normal people to be glued to their mobile phones. So, if he hides it from you or gets really nervous when you just take it in your hands, he might be cheating on you. He reacts to it in this way, because there you can find text messages from his mistress.

#2. They withdraw their attention

You have always got a lot of attention from him. But suddenly he stops sending you so many sweet messages, kissing and hugging you. It can mean that someone else gets all this stuff instead of you.

#3. They go out with their single or divorced friends more

When people really love each other, they spend a lot of time together. If now he spends more time with his single or divorced friends and you don’t see him for a long time, it can mean that he is dissatisfied with his home life.
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#4. There is a physical or emotional disconnect

Physical and emotional connections are important parts of romantic relationship. If you have become just two people who live together instead of being soulmates, it can mean that he is cheating on you. It is not OK, if partners don’t share their thoughts and emotions which each other.

#5. There are changes in their routine

If your partner is cheating on you, it’s obvious that he starts spending more time away from you and your home. So, he leaves earlier, spends more time “at job”, goes somewhere alone and stuff like that.

#6. Your sex life has changed

If a woman doesn’t want sex, it can be caused by different factors. If a man doesn’t want it, then something is wrong. Maybe, he gives all his love and attention to another woman. However, there can be an opposite effect, there can be an increase in intimacy. It can happen because he thinks about another woman during the process.
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#7. It takes longer for him to return calls and texts

I bet that earlier he answered your texts and calls immediately. Now, he can answer in a couple of hours or not answer at all. It can mean that you are not the main part of his life anymore. He has found someone else.

#8. Changes in attitude toward you

Earlier he considered you to be perfect and now he has started to criticize you. He doesn’t like those things which he liked before: your weight, habits or appearance. It can be a sign of problems.

It means that he is constantly comparing you with his new woman. On the other hand, he may give you a lot of attention and even give you a lot of presents. As a rule, this happens because he feels guilty.

#9. They don’t make eye contact with you

A cheating man always feels guilty and has some fears. That’s why he can’t look in your eyes while you are talking to each other. You should be very attentive to recognize it.
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#10. He never gets mad anymore

Every couple goes through the quarrels. It’s completely OK, when you two are angry and don’t want even to see each other for some time. Bu if he doesn’t get angry anymore, it means that he doesn’t care or just gives all his emotion to another woman.

#11. He adamantly proclaims, “I’ll never cheat on you”

If he constantly repeats these words, it can mean that he is just trying to convince you that you can trust him and be not afraid. Moreover, he is afraid that if you think that he is cheating on you, you can leave him.

#12. There is an increased interest in your schedule

If he wants to know your detailed day schedule, it can mean that your partner is cheating on you. He just wants to figure out when it will be possible for him to see his mistress. However, it can be also a sign of jealousy and total control.

#13. A change in their tone/language

When people are in love with each other their behavior is flirty and romantic. So, it’s not OK if he suddenly gets cold and casual to you. It can mean that he gives his love and tenderness to another woman.

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