Are You a Devil or an Angel According to Your Sign?




Our personalities are largely affected by the Zodiac sign under we are born in. Some of us are naturally nicer than others. Some of us have a true devil inside them.

Here are all the Zodiac signs ranked from angles to devils:
1. Libra

You are a true angel. You have never hidden agendas and you live your life in an honest and good way. People can trust you and count on you because you always have their best interest in mind.
2. Taurus

You are one of the sweetest people. You are very empathic, which means you always try to understand people rather than judge them. You have a huge heart and helping others makes you feel good. You are very likely going to volunteer or do charity.
3. Pisces

You are also a very good and kind-hearted person. You like to do good, but you get upset when people are not good towards you. You want fair treatment for your own good behavior.
4. Sagittarius

You are a total people’s person. You get along with everybody very well and you like to surround yourself with many people. You only get very upset, if someone betrays you or somehow is dishonest towards you. You cannot stand this kind of behavior and definitely will not accept this.
5. Aquarius

Although you are very nice and lovable person, who gets along with everyone very well, you have one downfall. Your incredibly strong sex drive leads you to make stupid decisions, that you will later regret.
6. Gemini

You are just between an angel and a devil. You might be mostly good, but there are days that you are just full of bad thoughts. You are a very controversial person. If you want, you can be the nicest one in the world, but if you are not in the mood, it is better not to cross paths with you.
7. Leo

You are very confident and know your worth. You do not let anyone treat you with disrespect. Which is, of course, a good thing, but you tend to make assumptions too quickly. This means that you overreact to things and tend to be too aggressive with others.
8. Cancer

You want to be good, but there are too many challenges and distractions in your life. You are self-centered and put your own needs always first. You find excuses for everything and nothing is never your fault. There is no point to even ask you for favors because you are too busy with your own self to help others.
9. Virgo

You are warm, funny and likable, but there is also a bad side to you. You tend to be a little insecure inside and use every possibility to bring others down and lift yourself up. You are eager to criticize others, but fail to see your own mistakes.
10. Aries

You have a great sense of humor, which means people like you at first. But you manage to disappoint everyone at some point. Whether it is backstabbing, alcohol, money problems or other, you make everyone around you very worried.
11. Capricorn

You think that being good does not get you far. You believe in using tricks and unethical ways to get what you want. You actually do not care who do you hurt on the way. You only care about yourself and getting the results you desired.
12. Scorpio

There is no angel in you. You are an evil person, who will make even the worst criminals look like angels. Your spirit is impure and you enjoy seeing others get hurt. It actually brings you pleasure to watch others suffer. People around you change a lot because no one can handle you for a long time.

The descriptions might be hurtful, but it is the truth. Of course, you can choose yourself, how much of which side to you show to the world. If you feel like you are trapped on the evil side, get professional help.

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