11 Signs That Your Man Is Not Interested In You


There are a lot of articles on the topic ‘how to know that a man is interested in you’ in many women’s magazines or on the Internet. We have been learning these signs for a long time now. Perhaps, it is time to talk about how to recognize that he is completely not interested in you.


Nobody wants to waste time on a relationship that will end in a month. It’s one thing if you’re just not compatible with one another and quite another if a man is only looking for convenient sex without obligations.

Look through these eleven signs that will help you understand whether or not your man is interested in you. No matter the reason, you should not be upset if your man is not for you. There are a lot of really good men and you will find your soulmate soon enough.

1. Spending habits. You should not be his mother and buy him everything he needs. If he does not experience financial difficulties and you continue living together it is time to change something.

2. Benefits. Every relationship is a partnership. So, both of you should have benefits in your relationship. You should not be a housekeeper to make your partner happy.

3. Grown up money. He does not offer financial support in difficult situations.

4. No one to turn to. You can not rely on your partner. If this happens your relationship is dead.

5. Stressful living. You can not talk about your feelings or your worries to him. He does not support you.

6. Gender types. You are blaming one another for not do typical gender work. For example, women not cooking and men not changing pipes.

7. Negative comparison. You compare one another to your ex girlfriends and boyfriends.

8. Not my fault. You both refuse responsibility and think that you are always right.

9. Weird hobbies. If his hobby is more interesting to him than you are this is not the man for you.

10. Own interest at heart. If your partner is too selfish and focuses only on himself, this is not good.

11. Dependant on them. You should not depend on your partner. He will feel this and will take advantage of the situation.

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