People who have been together for quite a long time know each other perfectly. Yet, it happens that there are small details that we do not pay attention to even though they can tell us a lot about what is actually going on.


If your partner does not want to show signs of affection towards you, then there is none left. Sad but true.There are times when you try your best to keep up the conversation but nobody’s listening. Yes, unfortunately it is one of the signs.

A man who does not care about what is going on with you or your life is definitely not one who still loves you.If you find yourself being constantly to blame for whatever happens, it is time to open your eyes and face to the truth.

We all go through difficult times in our lives, but what helps us deal with them is the support of loved ones. Is he supportive? Why do you continue to have a relationship if you do not care about each other?

Of course personal space and time matters, but if there is only personal space left it is time to ask some serious questions. If he often looks for a way to stay away from you and consciously try to avoid contact and intimacy, it’s time to get rid of this relationship.

You do not have plans for future, do you?

Mutual respect is what loving relationships are built on. If your partner shows no respect for you, the answer to the question if he loves you is obvious.

He’s late home from work and didn’t even bother to tell you why? We think you know the answer.You have already broken the emotional connection, so it makes it clear that it’s over. You start blaming yourself for what is happening? Don’t! Run away, you deserve to be loved!

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