5 signs he will cheat again

Sometimes an affair is “just” a short-term fling, never to happen again….but not always. Here are five reasons to believe your boyfriend will keep cheating on you. These tips are inspired by a reader whose boyfriend cheated; she wants to know if she can trust him again.

“I found a video of him and some girl, I am so sickened. I have a 7 month old baby with him, and he’s known to have a long past with other women. He claims he did this because he was filling a void, he said I didn’t pay him enough attention when having sex or initiate it enough. Now we have sex more often, but I hate this feeling of being betrayed. My biggest question is ‘Will he cheat on me again?’ I want to trust him but I can’t.”

While there are no surefire signs that a boyfriend will cheat again, there are certain indicators that he isn’t the most trustworthy or reliable man to be in a relationship with. One is having a long past with other women; another is blaming his girlfriend for his own choice to cheat. If you’re wondering if your boyfriend will cheat on you again, these five signs will help you see your relationship more clearly…

In the rest of her comment on my article about rebuilding trust, Viv said she and her boyfriend are trying to work on their relationship. “I KNOW I am probably just asking for more heartache,” she says, “but I wanna believe people can change and I am worth that change. I guess I am just looking for hope. Can people really change and we will I be able to trust him again? Should he let me see his cell phone if that would help me trust him? Please help!”

I think Viv should trust her gut. She says she knows she’s probably just asking for more heartache if she continues this relationship. She believes deep down that her boyfriend will cheat on her again. She is trusting her gut instincts, and she’s hearing that still small voice that is telling her the truth about her relationship.

What about you? What is that still small voice telling you about your relationship? Feel free to share in the comments section below. Better yet, work through your fears and truths in your own private journal. Writing has an almost magical way of helping us discern the truth and be honest with ourselves.
5 Signs Your Boyfriend Will “Repeat the Cheat”

The problem isn’t her worth and value as a woman. She’s smart, loving, kind, compassionate, and invested in her relationship with him. The problem is her boyfriend, and her inability to see the signs that he will cheat on her again.
1. Your gut is warning you that he will cheat again

This is the most important sign your boyfriend will cheat on you again: your gut instincts or intuition.
5 Signs Your Boyfriend Will “Repeat the Cheat”

5 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Cheat on You Again

Your intuition is almost always right, but you ignore it most of the time, don’t you? Your gut instincts are picking up on things that your brain and heart aren’t ready to accept. In this case, the most important thing to do is learn why your boyfriend cheated on you.

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